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It all really started with an email that came from the webmaster of an Coptic Orthodox Catholic Church in the USA.
I had started to convert Bible scripts originally written for phpNuke, and yes, that was a long time ago.
It was after I saw a post somebody asking about it and I responded.
After I stopped using phpNuke and migrated to Mambo , I rewrote it for use with Mambo ( the forerunner of Joomla ) and yes, this was also a long time ago.
Because I wrote about this at the Mambo Forum I received some more inquiries.

From that followed other things and at a further request, I started with the Synaxarium.

What followed was not only the Synaxarium but also the Daily Readings.
Then came the Synaxarium and the Daily Readings with Arabic text, only for Joomla 1.5.#

Many thanks are due to be given to the many who have made suggestions and given assistance to get where it is now.
Especially to Andy Awad (who recently was ordained as a Father of the Coptic Church) for helping me to get the English and Arabic Holy Bible in a database.
And for getting me most of the details of the Katamaros sorted out.
Many others were a great help in finding things to be corrected and translating English text into the Arabic equivalent.
A special thank you to a servant from St. TaklaHaymanot Church, Alexandria. He was effortless with his help with translating from the English text to the Arabic text and his many suggestions.
And he does not want to be named by name!
Especially his help with the readings for the Holy Pascha week and other missing translations of the Katamaros, thanks

The Bible was changed and it now uses the same Bible database as the Daily Readings.
I do not know what version of the Bible it is but it looks slightly different from the KJV Bible and it also include the books of the Apocrypha.
And what is even more, the Bible can now also be viewed in Arabic text.
And the Arabic version can also be searched for capitalized words as used in the Bible.
The proviso here is, one has to type the search word in English.

At present this component for the Coptic Orthodox Church comprises:

This component will be freely made available to any webmaster of any Coptic Orthodox Church on request.
However, one of the things I ask is a promise to leave this acknowledgement viewable on their site
Changes to the acknowledgement can be made as long as the gist of this is preserved.
Also I ask is not to grant others to download these components without my knowledge.
And of course, one has to have a suitable CMS to be able to use these scripts and that is Joomla 1.5.# .

All is not yet 100% finished and I do not know if all the Arabic text is correct.

It is therefore that I asked visitors to my test site to have a look around and respond, either here or by contacting me.
If you wish you can contact the developer here with this link.

As I ask before, please check my efforts and let me know what should be changed.

Please, also note that no guarantee is given to the suitability of these scripts.
Installation by the user is for 100% at their own risk.


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